Barack Obama Has Been 'Deepfaked' into Black Panther

Barack Obama Has Been 'Deepfaked' into Black Panther

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There's been a fair bit of controversy with deepfakes lately. It has even led the state of California to issue two new bills in a bid to curb the negative impact certain deepfakes have.

However, these artificially created videos or images are not always meant to hurt the person in question; some can even benefit from a little added fame.

The latter just happened this week, when someone deepfaked Barack Obama's face onto Black Panther's. It looks rather convincing.


Barack Obama as a Marvel superhero

To give a little context, 'deepfake' is a technique that sees human image synthesis based on Artificial Intelligence. Images of people's faces are superimposed onto other faces to make it look like it's them.

If you thought that Obama was a legend as a 'regular' human being — although the term 'regular' might not give the man enough credit — then you'll be even more impressed by him now.

Some YouTubers have deepfaked the former U.S. President's face onto actor Chadwick Boseman's. They've turned Obama into a Marvel Comics superhero.

In the video, Obama Panther — as he is dubbed — gives a moving speech at the United Nations. You then see Obama in different movements, outfits, and styles throughout the short clip.

The YouTuber behind these face swaps goes by the username 'Sham00K,' who added a synthesized voice-over for Obama with the assistance of StableVoices.

StableVoices operates independently from Sham00K and uses AI-powered audio synthesis software to replicate famous voices.

#FutureSociety#deepfake Someone Deepfaked Barack Obama Into “Black Panther”

— SystHub (@systhub) October 10, 2019

There are a few instances where it's a little clear that this is a deepfake. However, this video is further proof that deepfakes can become quite convincing and impressively created, even by non-experts.

See for yourself how Barack Obama turns into a famous superhero by this video by Sham00K:

Watch the video: This AI Makes Audio Deepfakes (July 2022).


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