Charles Darwin's Birthplace Transformed Into a University

Charles Darwin's Birthplace Transformed Into a University

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The historical birthplace and childhood home of Charles Darwin, the naturalist, geologist, and biologist who defined the theory of evolution will soon be transformed into a world-class university facility and center of excellence for global research and education in the natural sciences.

The new center, called The Darwin, is being developed thanks to the contributions of cyber tech security entrepreneur and philanthropist founder of VST Enterprises Louis-James Davis.

A worldwide digital learning platform

“I am delighted to be involved with The Darwin and to support the great work and vision of the team who introduced it, including Mike Marchant, who has been a passionate advocate of this project to bring a world-class university and center of excellence to Shrewsbury. Working with partners in science, technology, education, and local communities, we intend to develop a wide range of content for a worldwide digital learning platform for people of all ages," said Davis.


"We are looking forward to working collaboratively with English Heritage, Shropshire Council, and other bodies to restore this building of national and global importance. As we are all encouraged to go green there is an ever-increasing global demand for scientists. We need to encourage a new generation of young people to become scientists, researchers, and disruptors. People who understand how we use natural resources and challenge conventional thinking. By creating The Darwin we can encourage, support, and develop the coming generations of young scientists and ignite their greater interest in natural botany, zoology, and geology.”

The next generation of innovative thinkers

The Darwin is not only meant to create inward investment to the region but to produce new employment as well as a boost to tourism.

Furthermore, the institution will aim to create the next generation of innovative thinkers and disruptors.

These minds will then be available to industry and business, bringing the much-needed skills and knowledge to take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

The Darwin has already secured two offers of endowments worth over U.S. $616 million (£500 million). It is envisaged that work on the Darwin House will be completed by late 2022.

Watch the video: Charles Darwin - The Theory Of Natural Selection (June 2022).


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