So Much for Being an Early Adopter: Samsung Cancels Galaxy Fold Preorders

So Much for Being an Early Adopter: Samsung Cancels Galaxy Fold Preorders

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So much for getting your hands on a Samsung foldable smartphone early. The South Korean consumer electronics maker is canceling all the preorders for the device and offering early adopters a $250 credit they can use in a Samsung store.

In an email to customers, that was posted on Twitter, Samsung said the Galaxy Fold will launch in the U.S. in the next few weeks but that it is taking the time to "rethink the entire customer experience" and as a result has decided to cancel preorders of the device.


Samsung rethinking Galaxy Fold experience

"The Galaxy Fold marks the beginning of a new era in mobile technology which is why we have decided to reinvent the customer experience matching the premium and exclusive nature of the device itself, including a new Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which offers owners direct access to Samsung experts," wrote the company in the email.

So Samsung canceled my pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy least they gave me a $250 credit for anything on their store. That is admittantly quite generous.

I guess I should rejoin the pre-order queue.

— M. Brandon Lee | THIS IS TECH TODAY (@thisistechtoday) September 5, 2019

Galaxy Fold launched in Korea

The much anticipated Galaxy Fold is slated to launch in Korea on 6 September followed by France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK on 18 September. Samsung hasn't provided a specific date for when the device will hit store shelves in the U.S. The device, which Samsung ran into trouble when developing it, combines smartphone and tablet features into the foldable form factor. Users can access their essential apps on the cover of the display and when its opened can watch videos, play games and otherwise interact with the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display. Samsung said that during the past several months it has been refining the Galaxy Fold including improving the design and construction.

“Consumers have responded positively to larger screens, and the Galaxy Fold’s revolutionary form factor offers a bigger, more immersive screen without sacrificing portability. This is what we call innovation of new mobile experience in action,” the company said in a press release. Every device comes with access to specialized customer care professionals as well as 24/7 support hub accessible online or via the phone. It said it will provide more details based on each market the device is available in.

Samsung had originally planned to start selling the device in April but after receiving bad rewiews it went back to the drawing board. The device is expected to set users back $2,000 or more.

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