7 Great Kits for Your Children to Improve Their STEM Skills

7 Great Kits for Your Children to Improve Their STEM Skills

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You don't often hear the terms fun and STEM in the same sentence, but trust us when we say these STEM kits and toys really are fun and educational. With these 7 STEM kits, your child will love learning about some basic STEM fundamentals whilst playing for hours on end.

Win, win for all concerned.

What are STEM kits and gifts?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) kits are gifts and toys that help children learn some basic fundamentals of any or all of these subjects. Most STEM toys will tend to focus on one or two of these subjects, but there is a lot of overlap between them.


There are many examples of these kinds of toys on the market and some classic toys are simply perfect for teaching children in a fun and educational way. 'Old school' toys like LEGO or Mechano are perfect examples of timeless STEM toys you can buy for your children.

Trust us when we say that there is an entire industry dedicated to designing and producing these kinds of toys.

What are the best STEM toys?

The best STEM toys are those that teach your children something practical about any of the subjects under the banner of STEM. As we have already mentioned, there are some timeless classics out there, but any one of a myriad of STEM toys and kits out there will do really.

The best ones on the market are those that engage children in hands-on learning experiences and if they can involve the rest of the family, the more, the merrier. At the end of the day, which ones are the best will be a very personal choice.

You, after all, know your child better than anyone else. For this reason, you are the best-placed person to judge which toy they will enjoy playing with, if at all.

1. IQ Builder is a great introduction to STEM

The IQ Builder Fun Educational Building Toy Set does exactly what it says on the box. This fun little STEM learning kit includes all the components needed to help children learn about STEM in a fun and challenging manner.

By playing with this toy, children will learn about some basic STEM concepts and improve their general cognitive abilities at the same time. It is a great science toy to purchase for your children or even as a gift.

2. The Magical School Bus Engineering Lab is awesome

The Magical School Bus Engineering Lab is a great little STEM learning kit from the creators of one of the most popular children's educational cartoons of all time. With this fun STEM kit, children will be introduced to some fundamental principles of engineering in a fun and entertaining way.

The kit is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 8 but is appropriate for older children and young teenagers.

It contains 33 experiments and includes all the necessary components needed to complete some chemical, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering projects. Examples of things they'll build include a solar oven, design a car, construct a bridge, and much more.

3. Pantheon Circuit Kit With Lighted Bricks will have them building basic circuits in no time

Circuit Kit is a fun little STEM kit designed to help children learn about some of the basics of electronics and electrical engineering. By experimenting with this kit, children will get a great hands-on education in building basic circuits.

It comes with all the necessary components to construct 115 objects that will keep them busy for hours on end. The kit is expandable and additional blocks and materials can also be bought.

Kids will be able to build things like flying saucers and fans using a simple guide. This STEM kit also comes with objects such as lighting, built-in-sound systems, and other similar features; further engaging your child’s senses and developing their skills.

4. Primary Science Lab Set is ideal for budding scientists

The Primary Science Lab Set, produced by Learning Resources, is a great introduction to the wonderful world of science. It comes complete with some basic lab equipment from a beaker, magnifying glass and test tubes to goggles and other cool tools.

This STEM kit comes with an easy to follow activity guide for entertaining children whilst they learn some basic scientific principles. It is aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 6.

5. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope is fun and educational

The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope, from Educational Insights, is a great little STEM learning toy for children of all ages. This toy is ideal for teaching children about the wonders of outer space and the universe.

The toy is used to show children photographs that they view through the toy's scope. It includes 24 incredible photographs of space objects and teaches children some fascinating facts as they look at the images.

It even comes complete with a quiz mode to reinforce what they have learned. The STEM toy is also very portable so they can continue their learning outside of the house.

6. Evo App-Connected Coding Robot is all about robotics and coding

The Evo App-Connected Coding Robot is a great little STEM kit to help children learn and improve their skills. This little robot will help children get to grips with the basics of robotics and coding.

It has been developed by Ozobot and can be played with right out of the box.

It's aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 12 but might be fun for younger children and older teenagers too. Kids start by moving their Evo using markers on paper, and then learn to control it by solving brain teasers, playing free app games, and doing other STEM projects.

7. STEMpedia Starter Package is all you really need

STEMpedia's Starter package is a great little STEM learning kit for children. It, according to STEMpedia, is a comprehensive package consisting of futuristic hardware for easy and efficient DIYing, Scratch-based graphical programming interface, a mobile application for easy project-making and control, and online courses on electronics, programming, and robotics.

It comes packed with all the components needed to complete various tasks within its "Young Maker's Guide". This kit might be the only one you ever need to buy to teach your children some STEM basics in a fun and entertaining way.

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