Cool Off Your Desk With This Smart Personal Air Conditioner

Cool Off Your Desk With This Smart Personal Air Conditioner

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Nothing beats a truly great climate. Whether you’re in the office trying to complete that report your boss has been hounding you about for weeks, or sitting at home trying to relax with a movie, being surrounded by your ideal air temperature and humidity levels is the key to a happy and productive life.

As the leading smart air conditioner on the market, the EvaSMART 2 makes it easy to obtain a perfect microclimate in any environment, and it’s currently available for over 25% off at just $199.

Unlike most portable AC units that simply cool your surrounding air, this ultra-portable device actually purifies the air and adjusts the humidity levels as well.

You’ll be able to hand-craft your ideal microclimate at work or at home thanks to evaporative cooling features that effectively lower the temperature around you, and you’ll breathe better throughout the day since this device filters out dust particles as it works.

It allows you to control every setting through either the integrated touch pad or a simple mobile app (or your voice), and it’s fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

And since it only consumes a mere 12.5 W of power, you won’t need to worry about inflated electric bills at the end of the month.

Treat yourself to the perfect microclimate with a EvaSMART 2 for just $199—over 25% off its usual price for a limited time.

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