Become an In-Demand Project Manager with This 114-Hour Training Bundle

Become an In-Demand Project Manager with This 114-Hour Training Bundle

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It should come as no surprise that project managers are in high demand. Companies spanning every industry and ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates are always looking for talented and trained professionals who can lead teams and exceed goals, and they’re paying these management pros handsomely for their services.

The Complete Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle will get you up to speed with the field’s most lucrative and relied-upon platforms and methods, and it’s currently available for over 95% off at just $39.

With eight courses and over 390 lessons, this bundle will help you either begin or further a lucrative career in project management.

You’ll learn about the field’s most important platforms and methodologies—including Agile Scrum, Six Sigma, and more—through hands-on instruction that walks you through everything from the basics of team inspiration to the more nuanced elements of product development and design implementation.

You’ll also work toward acing the exams for some of the field’s most important certifications such as the CAPM and Six Sigma Black Belt certifications through real-world instruction that uses past exam questions.

Get the skills and certifications you need in order to launch a successful career in project management with the Complete Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle for just $39—over 95% off its usual price.

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