Tesla Offers Online Buyers Immediate Delivery of Showroom Vehicles

Tesla Offers Online Buyers Immediate Delivery of Showroom Vehicles

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Tesla is now offering customers the option to purchase a Tesla vehicle from the inventories of Tesla showrooms' display and test drive vehicles on its website and providing immediate delivery.

Purchase Tesla Vehicles From Inventory and Skip the Wait

Tesla has updated their website to now include the option of purchasing a Tesla vehicle directly from existing inventories rather than the standard custom order purchase, allowing customers to take immediate delivery of the car rather than have to wait the several weeks for delivery of a custom-order model.


According to Tesla’s website: “A variety of configuration options are available for immediate delivery from our fleet of display and test drive vehicles. They all come standard with our 4‑year basic vehicle warranty and our 8‑year battery and powertrain warranty.”

When I checked the site this afternoon, it listed 37 Tesla Model 3s, 50 Tesla Model Ss, and 14 Tesla Model Xs within 200 miles of New York City, with different showrooms having different configurations of each vehicle. What you almost certainly won't find, at least for now, is the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range model.

The $35,000 Model 3 sedan seems to have taken the most winding road to the market possible after Tesla announced in February that it was on its way, promise! Tesla has yet to deliver $35,000 Model 3s to the customers who reserved them in advance by putting down a $2,500 deposit, so they certainly wouldn't have delivered brand new $35,000 Model 3s to showrooms, especially when the announcement of the $35,000 Model 3 itself also announced the closing of almost all of those same showrooms.

Naturally, those closings will leave Tesla with hundreds of existing display and road test vehicles, necessitating the option of direct customer purchase from inventory, something that even Tesla showrooms did not offer. The move to online sales and the ability to lease the Model 3 is also going to leave Tesla with both new and used vehicles on its hands for the foreseeable future; why not sell those to someone okay with purchasing an inventory model as well?

As they say, always be selling.

Currently, there is also the option to purchase Tesla vehicles that showrooms used for test drives as used cars. This page will also presumably feature vehicles returned at the end of a lease in the future, and a notice on the page states that nationwide delivery is available for a $2,000 transportation fee. However, the same notice does not appear on the new car page, so it's unclear whether the same delivery option is available for the current stock of display models.

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