Notre Dame Might Be Rebuilt with Help from Assassin's Creed

Notre Dame Might Be Rebuilt with Help from Assassin's Creed

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The world is still reeling from the massive fire that partially destroyed the iconic Notre Dame cathedral. But help in its restoration could come from an unlikely place - a popular video game. Assassin's Creed is an action-adventure game that sees players take the role of an assassin in a time gone by, including revolutionary France.


A report from The Verge in 2014 discussed how a senior level designer for the game, Caroline Miousse, spent almost two years creating a model of the cathedral complete with accurate textures. Miousse world with the real-world artist to understand the different materials inside and out of the church to ensure that no detail was out of place.

Game spends two years making model

Historians were brought into the project to help the graphic artists create and place the historic building's artwork correctly. The game did take some liberties with the church to work with the game's timelines, for example, extra spires were added. But the basics of the church are all there and could really assist the reconstruction effort of the church.

Assassin's Creed isn’t the only 3D model of the church floating around. Architectural critic Andrew Tallon created a digital scan of the church back in 2015. Tallon is now deceased, but his attention to detail and dedication with creating the super accurate model will now help France revive their icon to its former glory.

Macron vows new spire will be 'more beautiful'

The fire in the 850-year old church broke out on Monday allegedly due to some restoration work that was occurring inside. More than 400 firefighters were deployed to the church, and after a nine-hour battle, the fire was extinguished. Already more than 700 million dollars has been raised by Frances richest families and business to assist the reconstruction efforts.


France's president Emanuel Macron said the new church would be ‘more beautiful.’ There is likely to be an international architectural competition to design a new spire for the church.

Despite the loss of the cathedral center spire and large timber beams, it's famous bell towers, and the detailed stone facade was able to be saved. Architects and historian will work together to come up with a plan to restore the cathedral in a way that both pays homage to its past while forging a new identifies for the church.

French families raise 700 million

Many significant churches, theatres, and government buildings have suffered some form of loss due to fire or natural disaster over the millennium. While culturally devastating the loss of parts of the cathedral can also be viewed as a continuation of the evolution of our history and architecture.

Many online observers have pointed to the differences in public outcry over the loss of western culture versus indigenous culture and architecture. France, Spain and many other western countries were responsible for the destruction of huge amounts of indigenous culture all over the world during colonization.

Watch the video: Une visite de Notre-Dame de Paris dans Assassins Creed Unity! (June 2022).


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