Set Up a Secure, Second Phone Number with Hushed Private Phone Line

Set Up a Secure, Second Phone Number with Hushed Private Phone Line

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One of the greatest threats to individual freedom in this day and age is attacks on our privacy. Even if you’ve managed to stay relatively off the grid when it comes to social media, chances are you’ve had to give out your phone number every time you sign up for a new service or have to validate an account.

This leads to an endless stream of spam calls and texts and can put even more of your private information at risk. Hushed Private Phone Line allows you to use a second phone number for everything from work to dating while keeping your real number private, and a lifetime subscription is available for over 80% off at just $25.

With Hushed Private Phone Line, you’ll never have to worry about your real phone number falling into the wrong hands since it allows you to choose a second number without committing to another long and expensive phone contract.

You’ll be able to pick from hundreds of area codes across the US and Canada, customize your voicemail and use WiFi data without expensive service charges, and even set up forwarding calls to ensure that you never miss an important contact.

Keep your phone number private and free from spam with a lifetime subscription to Hushed Private Phone Line for just $25—over 80% off its usual price. And when you enter the coupon code MADNESS15 at checkout you’ll receive an additional 15% off this already-discounted price.

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