7 Super Expensive Cars Left to Rot

7 Super Expensive Cars Left to Rot

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Super expensive cars are so priceless you would think their owners would never let them go. Still, it seems some people can not hold on to a good thing.


Here is a list of seven super expensive cars that were left abandoned.

1. Bugatti Veyron: the super sports car

The Bugatti Veyron has been called the super sports car and with good reason. One of the fastest cars in the world, it boasts a price range of $1.5 million. This one was abandoned by a Russian owner.

2. Lamborghini Miura: Onassis' gift

The Lamborghini Miura was the first supercar with a mid-engined two-seat layout. This abandoned Miura has quite a story behind it. It was bought by Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis for a friend. The car's engine, however, caved in 1972.

The car was left in an underground parking lot of a Hilton in Athens while the engine was sent for repairs. Its owner then lost interest and did not pay Lamborghini. The Miura spent 30 years waiting for its engine. The car was finally put up for auction with an engine in 2012 with bidding reaching $483,210.

3. Ferrari F40: Saddam's son's car

This beauty belonged to Saddam Hussein's oldest son Uday. It was abandoned during the Iraq war after Uday was killed in a shoot-out with American Troops. At the time it would have cost him a whopping $450,000.

4. LeMans Blue Jaguar XJ220: the rare find

A limited edition car, only 281 of these bad boys were ever made. Purchased in Beirut, this model was abandoned in a Qatari desert. It is estimated to cost about $500,000.

5. Rolls Royce Phantom Centurion: the custom-built

This custom-built Rolls Royce Phantom was made for a customer in Las Vegas. Later sold to a customer in Russia, the car was to be found abandoned in a suburban railroad in Russia. It goes for about $350,000.

6. Maybach 57: the discontinued model

The Maybach 57 cost $380,000. This abandoned car was left for 4 years in a parking lot in Cannes, France. Daimler has since discontinued the model making it a unique find.

7. Ferrari Enzo: the traffic fines

The story behind this Ferrari Enzo was that it was abandoned after its British owner refused to pay for traffic fines. In reality, the authorities revealed it was the subject of an Interpol investigation concerning its theft.

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