Reginald Fessenden: Key Facts & Quotes

Reginald Fessenden: Key Facts & Quotes

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Reginal Fessenden facts

A summary of some of the chief facts about Reginal Fessenden: facts about his life, his discoveries, inventions etc . .

Key RA Fessenden Facts
Full NameReginal Aubrey Fessenden
Birth date6 October 1866
Birth placeEast Bolton, Quebec, Canada
WifeHelen May Trott Fessenden
Death22 July 1932
Age at Death65
Place of deathBermuda (buried St. Mark's Church cemetery)

These are just a few of the main Reginald Fessenden facts. During his life he contributed a great amount, enabling radio technology to move further forwards.

Quotes from Reginald Fessenden

An inventor is one who can see the applicability of means to supplying demand five years before it is obvious to those skilled in the art.

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