Spectrum Analyzer Types & Technologies

Spectrum Analyzer Types & Technologies

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As technology has developed, so too spectrum analyzer technology has moved on.

Today there are several different types of spectrum analyzer technology that can be used. Selecting the required type of spectrum analyzer enables the best test instrument to be chosen for the given application, whilst also not incurring an unnecessary outlay.

Spectrum analyser types & technologies

Like any item of test equipment, there are several types of spectrum analyzer that can be found. The various types of analyzer perform in different ways, although their purpose is the same: to analyze the frequency spectrum, looking at the signals.

These are the most widely used forms of spectrum analyse that are available. Although the swept spectrum analyzer using only analogue techniques is largely out dated, some are still available on the second hand market and are still able to provide good service.

Like the choice of any test instrument, the selection of a spectrum analyzer depends upon many factors: performance, cost; availability and many other factors all come into play. Understanding the different types of analyzer and how they work enables the correct test instrument to be chosen.

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